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Quill trying to pass Rocket as a pet when he has women around, and Rocket getting really annoyed at it


Rocket and Peter were on one of their usual post-mission bar trips, sitting at a table, enjoying their drinks, and laughing and joking like they usually do. A woman sitting over at the bar suddenly caught Quill’s eye. She was definitely beautiful, with dark skin and even darker hair. Peter downed his liquid confidence and got up with a “wish me luck” before heading over to the bar. Rocket chuckled with a “god knows you need it.” and continued to sip on his own drink as he watched Peter saunter over to the woman at the bar. He expected to see Quill crash and burn, but that didn’t look to be the case. The old “Star Lord Charm” seemed to be working on this woman, as she was giggling and smiling as she and Peter chatted about who knows what. Rocket rolled his eyes, seems like Quill had bagged one of his “Starry-Eyed Waifs” as Gamora had put it. Rocket continued to sit alone, sipping his drink, and glancing over at Quill at the bar every so often. He grew bored sitting in silence and had finished his drink, so he decided to get up and join Quill at the bar. Would he be “stepping on Quill’s game”? Yeah probably, but he didn’t care. He approached the bar right as Peter and the woman were laughing uproariously at whatever stupid joke Quill had just told. The woman noticed Rocket approaching.

"And who is this?" she asked. Rocket opened his mouth to answer but not before Peter cut in.

"Oh him! He’s a uh, sorta charitable adoption, if you will. Picked him up on some backwater planet after his home was destroyed and sorta, took him in."

Rocket’s mouth fell open as he listened to the bullshit pour from Peter’s mouth. That son of a bitch.

"Awww," the woman cooed, "that is so sweet!"

"Yeah well," Peter plastered that trademark cheesy, cocky grin across his face, "I do what I can."

Rocket could only continue to stand in awe at the pure idiocy of these two. Truly they were meant for each other.

"So his he…." the woman asked, "like a pet then?"

A what?! Rocket bristled with anger as he shot an icy glare up at Peter. Peter looked down at Rocket for a moment, finding a look that could only say “you’re treading on thin ice Quill.”

"Yeah, I suppose he is." Peter replied as he turned back to the woman, "but what is a pet really but just another member of the family?"

Rocket was on the verge of exploding as Peter crouched down next to him and placed a hand on his head, gesturing towards the woman.

"C’mon Rocket, say hi to the nice lady!" Peter said before whispering out of the side of this mouth, "c’mon man help me out here."

Rocket turned to look up at the woman, plastering an unsettling toothy grin on his face.

"Hello!" he hissed through almost clenched teeth.

"Aww he’s so adorable!" The woman exclaimed.

"Haha that he is!" Peter agreed as he pat Rocket on the back. He turned back to Rocket, who was staring at him with the same toothy grin still across his features and fire in his eyes.

"I’m sorry." Peter whispered so only Rocket could here.

"I. Will. Flarking. End. You. Quill." Rocket hissed into Peter’s ear.

"Yeah well if this get’s me laid it will be totally worth it. I’ll make it up to you I promise."

Rocket could only simply growl as Peter stood back up and faced the woman again. Rocket stormed off, trying his best to contain himself.

"What’s wrong with him?" The woman asked.

"Oh he just get’s grumpy when he get’s tired." Peter responded nonchalantly, Rocket still within earshot, "now, where were we?"

Peter and the woman continued to talk and flirt for quite some time as the night went on. Every so often Peter would scan the bar but there was no sign of Rocket anywhere, he must have gone back to the ship. After awhile Peter realized he couldn’t hold it in anymore. He had to pee. He excused himself from the bar and made his way to the restroom. As he stood at the urinal he couldn’t help but think about Rocket. He truly felt bad, he knows Rocket hates words like ‘Pet’, but he was drunk and just going along with whatever the woman was saying, which isn’t a very good excuse, but it’s what happened. He knew he was going to get an earful of it later, which he deserved. He’d be sure to really try to make it up to Rocket, but for now he was going to at least enjoy the rest of the night. He exited the restroom and looked over at the bar, only to find someone else had taken his seat.

"Oh no."

Rocket was standing on Peter’s bar stool and leaning against the bar as he chatted with the woman whom Peter had been flirting with all night. It was apparent that all it took was a short conversation for her to realize that Rocket wasn’t quite the “pet” she had initially thought. Another woman had joined them and was sitting on the other side of Rocket, and both women were laughing uproariously at whatever joke Rocket had just told. Rocket spotted Peter at the other end of the room and simply raised his glass towards him, the biggest, most satisfied looking grin spread across his face. All Peter could do was let out a sigh, he had been made.

"C’mon ladies, let’s blow this joint." Rocket said as he hopped down from the bar stool. He walked towards the exit with an arm around the hip of each of the two women. As they passed, Rocket shot Quill a sly wink, who could only stand dumbstruck.

"Who was that guy?" the second woman asked.

"Oh him? He’s a sort of… charitable adoption."

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